We loved watching The Hobbit and and The Lord of The Rings DVDs.  They aren’t my usual taste in films, but the acting is amazing and it is not difficult to get really engrossed in… View Post

I quite like to check out new apps, particularly those that can save me money.  When I was asked to review the Shopmium app I was intrigued to find how it would save money and… View Post

Today was the first day of snow this year for our town and we were all rather excited to get outside.  I was a little mean and made sure they had breakfast first, rather than… View Post

My youngest is now 3 years old, which sounds so much older than 2 years old.  At 2, a toddler,  you can imagine that they are still learning words and not as sure on their… View Post

Just before Christmas our 3 year old received the SmarTrike T3 scooter.  It was a rather exciting delivery for him as he has spent plenty of time watching his big brother on his scooter, but… View Post

When you think about a perfect Christmas, what do you dream about?  Is it that dream of a white Christmas? Not the dusting of snow we may occasionally get, but properly thick, crunchy, white snow… View Post

Yesterday was a freezing cold day, crunchy frost all over the ground and puddles frozen thick with ice.  The boys had fun playing in the garden and trying to get ice out of their toys,… View Post

We’re in January now and it’s not long until Valentine’s day.  I know a lot of people complain that it’s commercialised, but then it is only as commercialised as you let it be.  Instead of… View Post