Our two year old is asleep in bed and then rolls over mumbling ‘more milk!’, I’m not quick enough at rolling over and so a louder call of ‘more milk mummmmy!’ is uttered before he… View Post

How has your week been?  I hope you have managed to get out a lot whatever the weather you have been having. This week we’ve been out to visit a favourite little hollow in the… View Post

It’s almost September, Scottish schools are back today and I know friends in the rest of the UK will be returning to school in the near future too.  It’s that time of year where everyone… View Post

We have had several gorgeously sunny days recently and knowing that the weather is set to change we have been getting out as much as possible.  We often go to a local woodland area, but… View Post

We were invited along to see The Shark in the Park Show at the Edinburgh Festival and as we were intending to go along on the Sunday to see something anyway, I of course said… View Post

Everyone needs a happy place, somewhere that they can easily get to whenever they need time to recharge the batteries.  When things get too much at home with the boys I like to get outside with… View Post

Whilst you are visiting mainland Orkney it seems unthinkable to not visit at least one of their many smaller islands.  We chose to visit the largest and possibly most accessible island, Hoy, partly as we… View Post

The way younger people have viewed the older generation has changed over the years.  At one time the older members of our community were revered and considered wise and knowledgeable from their life experience.  However,… View Post