We have never used much childcare as I’ve always been at home with the boys and the occasional times that I need to be away for a few hours (mostly for dental treatment!) my parents… View Post

We spend most days out the house, going to groups, meeting up with friends and generally enjoying life.  Home education can be great for so many reasons, but we still have the same worries when… View Post

We’re now fully in the swing of autumn and collecting plenty of jewel coloured leaves and shiny chocolate brown conkers.  Hats are being worn frequently, more for wind than air temperature, but still feeling the… View Post

So many easy kids’ crafts can be personalised and unique for each child! From handprint Christmas cards to DIY Christmas ornaments, even 2 children have hard time to recreate exactly the same item. And that… View Post

My life seems to be a constant stream of chaos and stress at the moment.  I home educate my two children through the day, including plenty of kids classes and groups, work in the evenings… View Post