My husband and I are pretty much the opposite when it comes to food.  I love seafood, vegetables, pasta and cake, whereas he prefers curries, chicken, steaks and crisps!  So it’s probably not hard to… View Post

It’s not long until Christmas and that means it’s not long until we’re preparing all the delicious Christmas food.  I have a very sweet tooth and when it gets to Christmas it’s really hard to… View Post

We always eat dinner together as a family.  Both my husband and I did the same when we were children and I guess we just carried on with our own family.  It’s important to me… View Post

Sometimes it’s hard to find healthy snacks for our children.  This becomes even harder once they have been introduced to sugary snacks and drinks.  Both our boys love fruit and veg and will eat loads… View Post

P Castles have been the theme in our house for the last couple of weeks.  Both boys love exploring them and our eldest has been enjoying drawing different castles.  We have also been learning all… View Post