I always ask the kids what they would like before I decorate their rooms.  My eldest, at three years old, was adamant he wanted one wall blue and one wall pink, so that’s what he… View Post

Let’s start this post with a question.  What do you call the room in a house with just a toilet?  I often call it a bathroom (weird as there is no bath) or just ‘the… View Post

Laundry is always a dull job!  The never ending cycle of washing, drying and putting away clothes is something I despise.  So often we end up with piles of clothes in the washing basket, waiting… View Post

Did your parents ever use that phrase?  ‘This is the reason we can’t have nice things!’  I think it’s was probably something a lots of people remember saying at one point or another.  I certainly… View Post

In conventional modern houses there often isn’t much excitement when it comes to lighting.  The wiring is all set up for the traditional dangling bulb in the centre of the ceiling.  So we really need… View Post