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ergonomic stool

Sometimes when you are outside it’s hard to find something to sit on that is the right height for what you are working on.  I often just kneel on the ground and lean over when working in the garden, but that does hurt my back.  I was sent this OneLeg Stool to test out and I am impressed at how good it actually is.

The OneLeg Stool

ergonomic stool

The OneLeg Stool is a great ergonomic stool for both children and adults.  The seat can be used to sit and turn or rock whilst seated, giving an active and dynamic seating position.  The seat improves core strength and posture and helps alleviate problems such as a bad back.

For Children

childs stool

This is the perfect stool for children when they are sitting at desks.  The rubber base and seat cover help keep the stool in place without slipping on the floor and the active position helps children sit longer and in a better position for their bodies.

My eldest loves sitting on the stool to work on activities in the garden or at his desk.  Anything that can also wobble and rock with him is a plus!

For Adults

ergonomic stool

Even adults can use the OneLeg stool.  It makes it a lot easier to work near ground level in the garden, meaning I can spend longer weeding or cutting vegetation.  It would also be good to use whilst working on machinery or whilst sitting at a low down desk.


competition to win oneleg stool

If you would like to win your own OneLeg stool then please fill in the form below.  Good luck!

OneLeg stool


  1. sharon stanley
    April 28, 2017 / 5:07 pm

    I have heard they are also great for children with ADHD. I would love to be your lucky winner for my youngest daughter. Thank you for the chance, great giveaway 🙂

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