Will Boys Be Boys?!

Boys wearing dresses?

My youngest has a new found love of having his hair up in a ponytail.  There’s such delight on his face as I put up and runs off with his hand checking it’s definitely still up!  I haven’t had any comments about it being unusual for a boy having his hair up.  However, it does seem that people tend to assume he’s a girl when he has hair in a ponytail.  Maybe it’s just me, but that seems rather old fashioned.  Can’t people just see a happy child and say ‘oh what a happy smile’?  I don’t want my boys to think that they can’t behave or dress however they like.  My littlest is especially particular about people knowing that he’s a BOY, ponytails and all.


Of course, it’s not just the ponytails.  I hate the fact that most boys clothes seem to be so dark and boring.  Where are all the colours?! In the ‘girls’ section apparently, they get great colours and cute patterns, the boys get navy, blue, green and scary sharks or dinosaurs.  What’s wrong with some cute woodland animals or rainbows and smiley jellyfish?  Perhaps the fact that I find my youngest bright colours and that he loves to wear leggings makes others assume he’s a girl? Boys shouldn’t be judged for loving colours or comfy patterned clothes.

Both my children love rough and tumble games, often ending in tears.  But sometimes my boys like to dress up in Elsa dresses or pretend to be Moana.  They love acting out the parts of the films.  Although I have no idea what part of Frozen requires them to push each other over with cushions…

Girls are accepted dressing up as male superheroes, but as soon as a boy dresses up as a princess he’s mocked.  This isn’t equality and society still has a lot to answer for.  Let’s just accept children as children, learning and testing out different ideas and games.

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Just please don’t judge any child for how they choose to look.


  1. Martina Pichova
    June 14, 2017 / 11:09 am

    It works the other way too. My partner’s stepfather (very oldfashioned) keeps commenting on my daughter not wearing dresses very often. “She is wearing trousers again? And playing with dinosaurs and cars? Where is the femininity?” Some people just live in the past…

  2. June 19, 2017 / 8:44 pm

    I totally agree, in fact I was chatting to someone about this today. There really is no need to make gender an issue in this day and age.

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