The Key To Keeping Kids Warm In Winter

Winter clothing for Lapland

What do you do to keep warm in winter, go inside your warm central heated house or sit beside a wood burning stove?  But what do you do when you are outside?  Do you worry about the kids getting cold in the frosty, icy and sometimes snowy winter?

I am always considering how to keep the kids warm (and very ocassionally cool during the summer!!) throughout the year and winter is clearly the time it’s coldest.  Here in Scotland we often have low temperatures in the winter months so if we still want to play outdoors then we really need to consider what to wear to keep us warm.

boys thermals

Often people seem to think that they need a thick woolly jumper to keep warm, but that doesn’t necessarily keep you warm on it’s own.  Instead you need to think of several thinner layers that trap the air between each layer and insulates you against the cold.

kids base layer

One of the more important layers is the thermal base layer, as this layer is close to your skin.  The base layer must be thin, soft and stretchy for comfort and movement as the base layer is the layer against your skin.

Muddy Puddles thermals

We were sent a set of Muddy Puddles kids base layers for each of the boys to use on our travels to Lapland and we’re looking forward to testing them out in the colder weather.  When we received them the weather was unexpectedly mild and so our little munchkins decided they wanted to go out to the woods in just their thermals.  The boys weren’t too pleased when I said that they would need to wear their jackets until we were at our usual play spot.  True to form the jackets were stripped of the minute we hopped off our bikes!

childrens warm base layer

Muddy Puddles base layers are incredibly soft and feel lovely next to the skin even though they hug it tightly as base layers do, both boys were pleased to wear them and felt very comfy.  The seams are well sewn and do not scratch or irritate the skin and the fabric itself is breathable and wicks moisture away.

Thermals for kids

Both sets of base layers have thumb holes in the sleeves so that the arms of the base layer do not bunch up and it keeps all the skin covered when you wear gloves too.

base layer thumb holes

My eldest was sent the plain navy base layer and my youngest the cloud covered base layer, I think you can guess which one they both preferred! The clouds do look very sweet and they almost look like pyjamas rather than a base layer.

comfy base layer kids

We will definitely be using these base layers when we visit Lapland next month, both boys will be cosy and warm with their Muddy Puddles base layer against their skin.

cosy thermals woods

Do you wear a base layer outdoors in winter?

J x

* We were sent the base layers for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are our own.

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  1. November 19, 2016 / 8:26 pm

    Oh I love these. I’d really like to get something like this to send with my eldest for her woodland schools days, I’m never quite sure if she’s warm enough.

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