I’ve always loved travelling and really try to instill a sense of love of our world to our children too.  Both boys love spotting different landmarks and animals from around the world.  They especially love… View Post

We only managed one day out in Barcelona during our stay in Spain.  That was just enough for us to see a few main attractions and have a little fun. Car Parks As we were… View Post

When I was travelling abroad in my teens and twenties mobile phones were not such a big ‘thing’.  I stopped at internet cafes to get in touch with family and friends back home.  However, nowadays… View Post

As a family we’ve visited a whole range of places both in the UK and abroad, however my travel bug began at a much younger age.  Ever since I was a child I became obsessed with… View Post

When you think about a perfect Christmas, what do you dream about?  Is it that dream of a white Christmas? Not the dusting of snow we may occasionally get, but properly thick, crunchy, white snow… View Post