Home Education Diaries – February

Well this month has been a strange one, we started off with snow, it became warmer and then we have ended with another snowstorm.  So we have had many discussions about the weather, maybe sometime soon we can convince the boys that March is Spring?!

I have also been writing a few more home education pieces, including this one for Tots100 about the wonders of home educating children and socialisation.  As you can tell below we’re always busy and are never at a loss of something to do!

The 6 Year Old

  • Art & Design
    • Our monthly home ed craft group was great and we stuck to a Chinese New Year theme of making fire breathing dragons.
    • After craft group he chose to cut out felt and use ribbons to make leads and little coats for his stuffed toy dogs.
    • Created a paddle steamer and freight ship out of junk materials.

home education

  • Science
    • Home ed STEM group began this month where he learnt about the wonders of static electricity and magnets through a variety of hands-on activities
    • Created his own modified ‘magnet boats’ after STEM group.
    • ‘After school science group, learning about science through hands-on activities such as how a can can be crushed without touching it
    • Learning about aquatic animals at the aquarium, particularly interested in the sea horses
    • Discussions on recycling and use of plastics
  • Sports
    • He attended his multi sport class weekly and has been increasing his abilities, including hand-eye coordination.
    • Continuing swimming lessons weekly
    • Playing at the park with friends
  • Engineering
    • Studying his ship books to work out how to create a paddle steamer from household items, including an egg box, skewers, crayons and pipe cleaners.
    • Watching and looking at the different trains and track layouts at Model Rail Scotland.
  • Maths
    • A little more work on Mathseeds
    • Playing the Orchard Toys games Magic Maths and Pop To The Shops
    • Learning to tell the time in more detail

childrens learning clock

  • Reading
    • Reading books and magazine together each day
    • An interest in rhyming words and often pointing out words that rhyme together, either in books or spontaneously throughout the day
  • Geography
    • Learning about Papua New Guinea through the TV series Lost Land of The Volcano and discussing deforestation and animal conservation
  • Drama Class – continuing to grow confidence at the weekly drama class
  • Beavers – He loves Beavers and has now gained his first Beaver badge, Aviator.  He should be invested next month.
  • Baking/Cooking
    • Making and decorating pizzas together
    • Making pancakes from scratch
    • Creating biscuits from scratch
    • Making snow ice cream
  • Team work
    • Playing games with friends outdoors, both chase/tig and imaginary games that they created themselves

Aside all this there has been plenty of fun with family friends and play at home!

The 4 Year Old

As mentioned before he’s not even of schooling age, but I feel a bit bad to leave him out when he’s doing so much too!

  • Multi Sport – He has just begun a new class, the younger age group equivalent to his brothers.  He came home excitedly with the trophy for best in class and spent half an hour showing it to everyone he could, proud boy!

home education

  • Cycling – We spent a lot of time on short cycles so he could practice and has already started copying his brother and I and standing up whilst cycling!
  • Ballet/tap – They are learning steps for a ballet show in early summer.  So far we know he will have a red jacket, bow tie and a cane…
  • Gymnastics – Plenty of balancing and jumping practice.
  • Reading – He has also been interested in rhyming words.  Sometimes he makes up his own words and other times he uses real words.

chicken headphones

  • Friendships – He seems to be taking a leadership role with his friends, but at the same time is listening to what others would like to do, which is a great quality.
  • Baking
    • Creating and decorating pizzas from scratch
    • Making pancakes
    • baking and decorating biscuits
    • Making snow ice cream
  • Geography – Learning about Papua New Guinea with the TV series Lost Land of The Volcano with George (McGavin), Steve (Backshall) and Gordon (Buchanan).  He likes to talk about them on a first name basis…  This has included discussions on conservation and deforestation.
  • Recycling – Discussions on why recycling is important and why we don’t want plastics filling up our oceans.



Again, there has been A LOT of playing and other fun too!

Have a great March!


  1. March 3, 2018 / 4:59 pm

    It’s fascinating to read what you get up to with the boys in home ed. We will home ed for a year when we travel and I’ll be torn between trying to stick to the curriculum because they will have to go back into school after, or doing more free learning to see where that takes them.

    • March 4, 2018 / 10:42 am

      It’s best to find your own feet and after a month or so you’ll work out how your children learn best. You’ll be surprised at ho much they pick up I’m sure!

  2. March 20, 2018 / 11:50 am

    I am so glad to find your blog. I have been home educating my Daughter (nearly 6) for nearly a month. Still early days yet but we are all so happy and having fun!

    Our kids sound like they would get on so well – my Daughter loves to make clothes for the pets and her dolls too x

  3. March 26, 2018 / 8:28 pm

    A lot of that I can see that my children are already doing on top of their education so it would be easy to slip into home education. On the other hand it feels a lot to organise – do you plan like they do at school or is this what you happened to have done lead by the children?

    • March 27, 2018 / 12:13 am

      Exactly, but without school you can spend more time on these things, dig deeper into children’s interests and let them really get involved in whatever their passion is. We just lead by the child, but have various ‘after school’ activities and a couple of home ed groups planned each week. It’s not too difficult to organise, but you do need a little time to get into it and know what activities suit your children (we do a lot of free unstructured play outdoors)!

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