Have You Faith In Humankind?

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Staying at home with the kids can be so much fun and yet so difficult at the same time.  Day in day out I am the person who does everything, making meals, cleaning bottoms, reading stories, finding lost toys, comforting when their sad and picking them up when they’re hurt.

Sometimes I enjoy it and other times I find it stressful and downright tiring.  But, that’s just what it is like to be a mum.  The breaks are few and far between and often they just remind me of how much I love my children.  Although don’t get me wrong I love those moments of peace and quiet when I can contemplate life at my own pace instead of answering the question ‘why’ for the one thousandth time.

Yesterday I was at the local waste recycling centre (A.K.A the dump!) and was grateful to a woman who came to help me.  She was collecting compost with her partner and saw me on my own with the kids screaming at each other (and me) in the car.  She walked round and started helping me load up my bags with compost.  I thought at the time that it might be because she felt sorry for me with the noisy kids in the car.  But surprisingly the exact same thing happened with a different woman the second time I went to collect compost a few hours later, and this time I had left the kids at home.

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I like to think that these women just saw a fellow woman.  One that was wrestling with a plastic bag blowing about in the wind and decided I could do with help.  Neither looked like they were going to take no as an answer when they offered help and to be honest I wasn’t going to say no.  I was grateful that they had noticed I could do with a little help.  Particularly the second time when I had already hoofed 5 bags of compost into the car and up a steep hill at the allotment and dug it into the soil.  Help was definitely appreciated!!

It’s not exactly feminism, but helping someone else, whether they really need help or not, is just something people can do to give others a little faith in humankind.  My quiet contemplation at the allotment after my two visits to the dump was of happy thoughts about helping each other.  I just need to remember that the next time I am pulling my hair out with my kids and wondering whether I really will need advanced tricho pigmentation treatment in a couple of years.  I never knew that kids really could lead to you pulling your hair in stressful situations, but it does!!

So yes, life as a mum at home with two kids all day long can be hard and rewarding at the same time.  But when you venture out the house others really can give you some faith in humankind.  And maybe, just maybe these kids we are raising will take some of that onboard too.

What has given you faith in humans recently?

* This is a collaborative post.


  1. March 13, 2017 / 10:15 pm

    How lovely that the ladies helped you. It’s great when somebody is there when you really need some help isn’t it? It makes you realise how much of an impact little things can have as well.

  2. March 14, 2017 / 2:33 pm

    Let’s face it ‘the tip’ as we call it is a scary place at the best of times never mind when you’re struggling! Nice that you were offered help x

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