Graco Modes 3 Lite Travel System Review


As you may already know from our previous posts about the Graco event at London Zoo and our review of the Graco Milestone Car Seat, we are currently Graco Ambassadors.  We have most recently been testing out the Modes 3 Lite, a stroller with some fantastic features.

Graco Modes 3 Lite review

The Modes 3 Lite arrives in pieces in a rather large box, however it doesn’t take too long to construct it.  Once together you have the entire travel system of the base, toddler seat, infant car seat and carrycot.  You also receive the footmuff and rain cover.

Useful Features

There are several key features in the Modes 3 Lite travel system that make it particular useful for family life.  My favourite is the FastAction fold, where you pull the strap at the base of the toddler seat and the whole stroller folds with just one hand.  Extremely useful when you need to quickly fold it away for getting on public transport or packing into your car.

modes 3 lite travel system review

Another incredibly useful feature is the size of the basket, it’s huge, you can fit a huge load of shopping or just a forest full of sticks and leaves under the seat if you really wanted!

modes 3 lite travel system car seat

When you have a baby you may well be swapping between the carrycot and car seat, whilst toddlers may need to move between the car seat and toddler seat.  Moving between the different seats is made simple by the easy click action needed to lift one piece off and then push down the next.  I love this as I remember my eldest’s old stroller having adapters for the infant car seat and we would inevitably lose them when we had been using the toddler seat for a few days.  I love that you can swap between each one in seconds.


Our 2 year old seemed to be quite comfortable in the pushchair, although at almost 3 years old I couldn’t get the 5 point harness long enough for him and so he couldn’t be secured in the stroller.  He’s not a particular tall nor heavy child, at 13kg (the maximum weight for this stroller is 15kg) and average height for his age, so I had assumed that the straps would fit, but perhaps that’s only with less bulky clothing?

Graco Modes 3 Lite review

He was quite happy sitting in the buggy with the hood up, it comfortably went over his head and I liked that you can use the little flap to check on your child when forward facing.  Which is great when you are walking them to sleep and know that stopping the movement of the pushchair will result in an immediately wide awake child again!

The footmuff is great for keeping little ones feet warm without the worry of losing blankets and it can easily fit into the stroller by threading the straps through and securing with velcro at the top.  It really only takes a few minutes to attach, which makes life easier.

Of course, as with the Milestone car seat, our child’s favourite feature is the cup holder, which he reliably told me was for water, or bananas, or raisins or sticks.  Clearly little ones like something to keep all the important things in as much as us adults.

The Verdict

An excellent purchase for those parents looking for a travel system that will last from newborn until toddler, with useful features such as the FastAction fold, large basket and easy movement between seats.  Our only issue was the length of the harness straps, but that may well be due to the bulky winter clothing on our 2 year old.

modes 3 lite stroller review

If you would like to see the Modes 3 Lite in action, please check out our video demonstration below, let me know what you think of the stroller in the comments.

J x

* We were compensated for this post, however all opinions are my own.

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