What Would You Do If You Won The Lottery?

wads of cash

Do you play the lottery?  What would you do if you won?  I think everyone has some idea of what they would spend the money on and I don’t just mean when you win £25, I’m talking big money!  If I won millions we would be going travelling around the world, buying a new house and giving away some of our money too.  It would amazing to carry out some random acts of kindness and secretly give people things they need without them knowing who it was from.

Perhaps I would even make a fantastic play woodland for kids with a maze, obstacles along the paths and lot sof fantastic tree houses to find.  I would love that and so would everyone who came to visit!


Would you give money to charity?  Move to another country? Or just buy a whole new wardrobe and a pile of chocolate?

If you visit Lottoland then you can basically play the official lottery in all the different countries around the world, without having to worry about buying physical lottery tickets.  The prize money is paid out by Lottoland themselves rather than the official lottery operators, which makes it easy to claim if you win!  Lottoland also gives you the chance to get offers such as freebies to play or unique features such as double jackpot.


There is the UK lottery that I know a lot of families play every week, but therough Lottoland you can play the U.S. Powerball, Irish Lotto, OZ Lotto and many more with millions to win!  Sounds like a good plan if you want more chances to win a lottery and make all those amzing dreams come true!

So what would be your wish if you won the lottery?

J x

* This post is in collaboration with Lottoland.

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