Top 5 Places To Visit In Stirling


Sometimes we need a little idea of where to go when visiting a new town.  So here’s my list of places that I recommend anyone visiting Stirling should go to.

Stirling Castle

what to do in Stirling

Clearly the most obvious place to visit when you travel to Stirling.  It’s the first thing you see if you travel past on the motorway.  The castle itself is rather beautiful from the outside, before you even enter.  You can also see all the way across to The Wallace Monument from the wall beside the car park.

Inside Stirling castle you can choose to walk around by yourself, a guided tour or an audio tour with head phones.  With our kids we tend to find the audio tour or just walking around ourselves is best.

There are several rooms dedicated to kids interactive activities on the left as you enter the main courtyard by the palace.  However, our two have just as much fun exploring the rooms, particularly the kitchens and those in the main palace.  More often than not there are people dressed up in costume, who are more than happy to tell the children little interesting facts.

Inside the castle there is also a lovely cafe with lots of locally produced food.

The Back Walk

Starting from the library in Stirling, cross the road and head up the little path between the wall and Albert Halls.  This is the start of the back walk, built in the 1700’s.  The walk takes you along the outer walls of the castle, below castle rock and back into the old town.

At Gowan Hill you will find the beheading stone, I think you might guess what this was used for!  More modern additions include a number of wood carvings along this route and others in the woodlands.

Gabes Diner

We love this small, but perfectly formed little Stirling restaurant near the Vue cinema in Stirling.  The staff are friendly and always use locally produced food.

There are both great veggie and meat options depending on what you are looking for.  The desserts are amazing and if you get there for breakfast you need to try the pancakes!

The Wallace Monument

The Wallace Monument

The Wallace Monument was built to commemorate the Scottish hero Sir William Wallace.  It’s built on Abbey Craig above Causewayhead with an amazing views, even from the base of the monument.

We love climbing up the spiral staircase to visit each of the rooms on the way to the crown.  There is a lot to see and plenty of history to learn about.  Make sure you bring something warm to wear at the top, as even if it’s sunny it tends to be a little windy.

You can read more about our last visit to The Wallace Monument here.

Corrieri’s Ice Cream

It might ‘just’ be ice cream, but this is really amazing ice cream produced on the premises made with local and Italian ingredients.  Corrieri’s cafe has excellent food, I personally love the pizza, but you can also just pop in for an ice cream.

Corrieri’s is a family run business, which began in 1897 when Robert Corrieri first came to Scotland.  The shop in Causewayhead was opened in 1963 and is still run by the Corrieri family.  It’s located just below The Wallace Monument in Causewayhead, so you can enjoy your ice cream whilst admiring the monument from the park a few doors down.


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  1. May 23, 2017 / 3:09 pm

    Oh my goodness pizza and ice cream alone make Stirling worth a visit! I’ve heard of the Wallace monument too, would love to go there.

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