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  1. I love how simple activities turns out to be the highlight and amazing. You can never beat a good puddle splish splosh. My daughter loves it too- proper Peppa Pig girl she is. lol

  2. I’ve been loving the weather too, although not so great this week. Nothing quite like fresh air and the satisfaction of splashing in a puddle. #WhateverTheWeather PS – I watched Nausicaa – loved it! x

    • Yes, today is the first dry day of the week, at least there will be plenty of puddles! Glad you liked Nausicaa, it’s a definite favourite of mine, have you tried Laputa, Castle in the Sky too? 🙂 x

  3. Nothing beats the simple things in life, and I find sometimes these are the things the kids really enjoy the most too!! We love puddle jumping here too and at least that’s one good thing about it when it’s a horrible rainy day. Looks like you had lots of fun!! #whatevertheweather

  4. Looks like such a fun way to enjoy the nice weather! We also had great weather last week in the Netherlands and we tried to be outside as much as possible! #WhateverTheWeather

  5. Wow, this looks like my life, but in a different park. I miss when I was as puddle-resilient as my son. Your kids sound wonderful and they’d have a blast with mine. If you’re ever in the States… 🙂

  6. What great puddles. My kids still love getting in any water they come across and they are 7 and 10! It is the simplest things that bring us pleasure!
    Thanks for having us on #WhatevertheWeather

  7. Aw that sounds lovely. I often think I should spend more time just enjoying the simple pleasures in life without so many planned activities and gadgets. I love your wee boys fleece too! #whatevertheweather.

    • I know, sometimes we have no choice as we don’t have the car and I think we don’t go to enough events and then other times I decide we’re going to too many events and need simple pleasures instead! The fleece is cute isn’t it, was a gift from a friend for O’s first birthday, now handed down to A! 🙂 x

  8. Such a lovely adventure! What is it with boys and puddles? Monkey loves throwing apples in puddles! Sometimes I think we miss the simple things because of rushing out to the next thing/event. Lovely reminder thank you #whatevertheweather

  9. Awww your pictures are so cute. They’re going to grow up so close! It’s so lovely that they have each other to play with.
    The simplest days really are the best aren’t they.
    Nothing beats a good country walk and a run around a field. It’s great that you can use the school field. You really don’t need much to have a great day out do you, just a few puddles and whatever you find around you. xx

  10. Oh I could not agree more – the simple things really are the best and I bet children remember these days for ever. My two older boys spent most of Sunday afternoon playing home-made ping pong. Kitchen table, seed boxes for a net, cardboard bats (or hands) and the only “proper” thing was the ball. Simple, almost no cost and great fun!

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