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  1. I am very impressed with your creativity. Big tantrum is 2.5 and I am having a great time seeing his imaginative play develop at the moment. Plates are steering wheels and we skid all over the house racing cars. Space is another great imaginative play to practice ‘blasting off’ 🙂

  2. I’m feeling more and more tuff spot envy! I think my girls are too old for one now but yours seems so versatile – I’m sure I’ve seen it in about three posts now! Looks like a lot of fun.

    • Probably more than 3 posts now! Trying to get more use out of it this year, as last year I forgot about it too much! If you ever have another child I totally recommend it! 😉 x

  3. This is such a good idea – you’re so creative! I’m terrible at thinking of fun creative activities for the girls so thank goodness for blogs like this. I might have a go at making a mini dragon and fairy world as they’re really into that, and maybe a mini garden as they’re very much into fruit at the moment, and I seem to remember making one in school! Great post, thanks for hosting #whatevertheweather xx

  4. What a great idea. I never have thought of using the rice, we used moon dough instead using flour and baby oil. I will definitely try the coloured rice too. Thank you for sharing. xx

  5. RIGHT!! I am off to amazon to order myself a tuff spot!! Every time I see your posts I kick myself that I havn’t orgered yet!! This looks fab as always! #whatevertheweather

  6. That looks amazing. I wasn’t aware of Tuff spot trays when my kids were younger but they use them at the school I work in and they’re great. Love the rice idea – if only my kids were small again! #whatevertheweather

  7. This looks great 🙂 love the little tubes didnt know they did a space one! I really need to get to get our tuff spot out again – its been a while!! Thank you for hosting #whatevertheweather xx

  8. This is so cool! I really need a tuff spot tray. They look brilliant for messy play. I don’t know why we haven’t got one before. Space play with rice is such a creative idea! I love the rocket too x

  9. This looks like so much fun!! Wow amazing all the things that you could do just with a little bit of imagination!! Who would’ve thought that you can have so much fun with just rice!! LOL Thanks for hosting and so sorry for commenting so late! x


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