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Many bloggers wonder how to get chosen for campaigns with brands.  There are so many questions that could be asked, so I decided I would.  I have started this new blog series to find out some of the answers to bloggers questions from the PRs themselves.

So for my first interview with a PR I would like to welcome Gemma Brown from Cirkle.  Read her answers below…

1. Why did you choose to become a PR?

I love working with brands that I feel passionate about and enjoy working with media and influencers to create interesting content for campaigns. Every day is different in PR.

2. How do you choose bloggers/influencers to work on brand campaigns?

If searching for bloggers online, we generally choose them based on the previous content they have created as we can see whether our brand campaign would fit in with their existing content and not look out of place. However, when speaking to bloggers, we like honesty about whether they have a passion for the product, as well as honesty if
this isn’t quite right for them.

3. What advice would you give to bloggers looking to get more paid work?

Stay loyal to brands and take jobs that fit in with your blog theme instead of doing everything.  Engagement levels are important for our brands so keeping your readers engaged in your content is something we look for and can affect payment. Sometimes brands just don’t have any budget available so working together with PRs and
understanding that there will hopefully be something further down the line is really helpful and we do notice!

4. Do you think brands always respect the amount of work bloggers put in?

I would like to think they do… As we are usually the middle point between bloggers and the brand teams, we ALWAYS read the blogs thoroughly and appreciate the work that has gone in to them. Bringing your own creativity to a brief is always welcomed as well as feel free to suggest things above and beyond what we have asked

5. What is more important: follower numbers or engagement?

They both play a part but engagement is increasingly becoming a bigger factor for us. We love working with bloggers who have loyal followers that engage with their posts and feel strongly about the brands the bloggers are engaging with.

6. Do you like bloggers/influencers to pitch their own ideas for brand work?

It’s definitely always welcomed but usually we’re working towards specific campaigns. While there may not be something at that particular time, we’ll always keep ideas like this in mind and it could contribute towards a wider brand idea in the future that the blogger can be a big part of.

7. What is the biggest faux pas for a blogger/influencer?

I personally dislike when bloggers agree to do a bit of content and accept the products/gifts, however they then never get round to post and vanish from email! We always appreciate if a deadline has to be extended and honesty is always appreciated if the product isn’t for you after all, but please don’t go MIA on us ☺

8. Do you reply to every email from bloggers/influencers?

I try to reply to most, yes! They have put the time in to contact me so even if I can’t support them right now, I will log their details for potential further projects.

9. What has been your personal favourite brand campaign and why?

I loved working on our Mr Kipling Valentine’s Day campaign as we sent bou-cakes (flowers with cakes in!) to bloggers. It was great seeing their reactions and we got some lovely social media posts from it.

10. Do you like long-term collaborations with the same influencer?

I think it definitely has its benefits when a brand works with an influencer over a longer period as we’ve noticed the readers seem to trust their posts more, even when they know they are sponsored. For any influencer working with a brand, whether it’s for a long or short time, I think it’s so important to be passionate about the product and show this in your post so it looks genuine.

11. What would make you come back to work with the same influencer?

If the quality of their posts was good and they were good to work with. There’s nothing worse than working with someone who is being a pain (and this works both ways!). I love helping bloggers out with content as I know this is what a lot of them do for a job…the same way that they sometimes help us out as we are also doing a job ☺

12. What is your favourite social media channel?

Instagram – I love how creative people are on the platform.

Thank you Gemma, it’s great to hear what PRs look for in bloggers and influencers.  You can follow Cirkle here on Twitter and Instagram.


  1. March 21, 2018 / 11:57 am

    Such brilliant advice. It’s difficult to remember that the person emailing you is rarely the person who decides the budget and there’s often nothing they can do about it is there? Love the idea of this series.

  2. March 28, 2018 / 1:52 pm

    Fab post and some great advice in there too. Looking forward to the next one.

  3. August 29, 2018 / 5:01 pm

    Hi Jenny,

    This series is fab! I work in PR and blogger outreach (and am also a PR blogger) if you’d like me to take part in the series – i’d be happy to help! My company is Tecmark in Manchester and I can be reached via twitter (@jessicapardoePR) or email ( if you’d like to chat.

    Jessica |


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