Weird Food Combinations – A Cause For Divorce?!

My husband and I are pretty much the opposite when it comes to food.  I love seafood, vegetables, pasta and cake, whereas he prefers curries, chicken, steaks and crisps!  So it’s probably not hard to understand why we often argue about the stranger food combinations.

One of my childhood favourites has been the banana sandwich, it was ALWAYS our Saturday night tea with a few other treats.  The very first time my husband stayed at my parents house, they brought out banana sandwiches and melon for dessert.  Being the polite man that he is, he ate every last morsel, despite finding both banana sandwiches and melon revolting! Poor guy!  For me it’s seeing my husband eat a crisp sandwich or a chip butty, I find them both disgusting and can’t even consider it as a meal option.  I personally think he’s crazy, ha ha!

weird food

As we often argue about which of us is right when it comes to food I wondered whether any bloggers I knew had similar experiences.  It turns out to be quite a common thing to argue over!

Worst Food Faux Pas?

Rachel’s boyfriend is obsessed with canned fish on toast and can’t understand why anyone would like it.  Sorry, but I love sardines on toast, so this is not weird to me!  However, the idea of sugar and vinegar on your pancakes instead of lemon juice sounds bizzare! But Katie explains that lemon juice was hard to come by in the war, so her Great Grandma had to improvise.  Would you try it?!

Cornbeef and pickle sarnies?  Not my cup of tea! Lianne is a big fan, just a shame her other half disagrees! Then there is Ayse who is disgusted by her partner putting butter on a Nutella sandwich.  It does seem rather unnecessary doesn’t it?

weird food combo

It just gets worse in my opinions, with Becci’s scrambled eggs and hummus! Or Peter putting tomato ketchup on macaroni and cheese. He may love it but his wife looks at him in absolute disgust.

Cat’s husband likes making a crisp sarnie with pickled onion monster munch. She may like a crisp sarnie as long as it’s standard salt and vinegar crisps, but using Monster Munch? That’s just wrong!

Now Janet‘s husband and his entire side of the family eat Wensleydale cheese with their Christmas cake. This is CRAZY! Just no. And what about Emma’s claim – Nutella, cheese and ham. The same guy used to mash bananas up into his lasagne, yuck!

Beth has plain pasta with almost everything as a side and her husband can’t get his head round it as it’s so bland.  But she loves it and luckily can eat oodles of pasta thanks to slimming world!

What weird food combination might break your relationship?!


  1. March 15, 2018 / 9:22 am

    It’s funny the combinations that people love and others just hate!! I’m currently pregnant so the thought of somethings my hubby likes makes me gag he is currently on a ban!!

  2. glenn hutton
    December 1, 2018 / 12:08 pm

    I love this… I think we all have weird combinations that we like, for instance my daughter loves cheese, banana & Marmite! 🙂

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