DIY Map Art Gift

map wall art

As you may have noticed I love a good DIY gift! When it comes to men, particularly my dad, I find it difficult to find a good present. He buys everything he needs, so you can never get him something that he actually wants as he has already bought it!  Instead I need to think more creatively and think of something that is either practical or has good memories.  For this gift I chose the memory route.

map wall art

I bought an IKEA frame which has a slightly box type frame so I could fit the art in.

Next I chose areas of old maps I had (or bought from EBay for pennies) that were important to him for different reasons.

Cut out these areas of the map in to whichever shape you choose.  If you have a large cutter that’s great, if not cut out the shape in card and use it as a template to trace the exact shape round each area of map.

map wall art

I created 9 circles to fit my frame.  The maps are too thin on their own, so I glued them to card and cut around the shape.

The next stage is tricky.  Place them roughly where you want them and then mark lightly with pencil their positions. Using a ruler measure the distance of each shape so that they are the same distance apart from each other and from the edges.

Stick the shapes in their places using sticky squares that raise them slightly off the frame back.

Place in the frame and admire your handiwork!

map wall art

J x

Monkey and Mouse