Challenging Yourself Can Be Both Scary And Exhilarating

Staying within the comfort zone is easy and often the favoured choice.  But sometimes you get a chance to challenge yourself.  Sometimes you will be too scared and say no, or make excuses, ‘I’m too busy’, ‘I don’t have the cash’…

But what actually happens when you take that challenge?  The challenge can be anything from deciding to run your first marathon to going into a toddler group knowing nobody and striking up a conversation with strangers.  It’s personal to you and everyone finds different things a challenge.

I personally am never going to run a marathon as that’s not my thing, but I remember walking into the first toddler group years ago.  Fortunately for me everyone was incredibly friendly and I met some great friends at toddlers, but I know it’s not easy for everyone.

I have skydived from a plane from 10,000ft and I wouldn’t consider that a personal challenge as I love that adrenaline rush.  No, for me a challenge is usually something different, like doing something completely alone and having strangers staring at me.  Public speaking has always been a major challenge for me, although I will do it once I have prepared myself enough.

Challenge Myself

Last Saturday I took up what was a great challenge to me.  I had been asked by a brand to produce a vlog for their cafe’s new hot drink.  Which initially I thought yeah, that’s easy enough I can do that.  It wasn’t until after we had discussed terms that I realised I had to go into a cafe alone and film myself.

I have no idea how regular vloggers do this sort of stuff, I mean I’m fairly happy on camera at home and quiet places on days out.  But I had never been alone in a busy place where potentially everyone was going to stare at me and question what I was doing!

With my original idea of going on a Friday day time (because it would be quieter) being chucked out the window when the drinks launch was pushed back.  I had to go on a Saturday afternoon and lo and behold the cafe was FULL.  And I mean properly full with only one seat at a table squashed between two other tables.  I sat and did what any good blogger does, message my blogging friends to tell them that there was no way I could do it! Ha ha!

Fortunately a table in the corner became available, which was slightly more discreet, and I made myself comfy, took my camera out and shot some flat lays.  Feeling a little more confident I pulled out the tripod and filmed myself drinking and doing my best to look relaxed.  Once the table beside me left I even managed to pull up my big girl pants and talk to the camera without looking like I was crazy.  The only downside was that I hadn’t realised how noisy my self timer was on the camera.  When I took photos every nearby table turned around to look at what the noise was!  Cue a very red face from myself.

Anyway, I am not an extrovert and I find situations like this a little terrifying.  But with a little self motivation and self belief you can overcome the challenges thrown your way and do whatever you want with your life.  I am so proud that I managed to overcome my fear of vlogging in close proximity to others.  Although I am unlikely to become Zoella, I at least have given myself more confidence and self belief to overcome other challenges in the future.

Believe in yourself, you can do anything!  What has challenged you recently?

Oh, and if you’re looking for that vlog, head over to my YouTube channel here.

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  1. October 3, 2017 / 10:00 am

    Hooray, I knew you could do it! Well done. I think I would find that a challenge too, I only really vlog in the safety of my own home. I agree with you that people who do it in public regularly must be really brave!

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