Schools went back in Scotland in August and everywhere seems quiet again!  However, the weather has turned and it’s certainly feeling autumn’y’ here.  Kind of missing that too hot t-shirt weather now, after all the… View Post

At the beginning of July we headed over to the Isle of Mull with my parents, who invited us to stay in a holiday cottage with them for a week.  We love visiting the Scottish… View Post

Both my boys love stories and it’s easy to distract them from other things by simply sitting and down and reading a story.  It doesn’t matter if it’s new or a well thumbed copy of… View Post

Scotland has so many fantastic museums and areas of beautiful scenery.  But it can get expensive if you spend the holidays visiting one place after another. So I have put together a collection of fantastic… View Post

We love reading and it can be nice to find new books that the children can relate to and include places that seem familiar to them.  So we have put together a list of 10… View Post