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Pitapat app

Most parents love a bargain, whether it’s a high street sale or a great deal at the charity shop.  This is especially true for children’s items, which parents hate to buy full price, especially when kids grow out of clothes and toys so quickly!

The other problem is that it can be hard to sell kids stuff. Facebook groups are full of spam posts and Gumtree never has what you are looking for.  Wouldn’t it be great to be able to sell kids stuff quickly and easily to other parents?

Pitapat App

Well that’s where Pitapat App comes in.  Pitapat app was created by two mums who realised that there was a need for an easy and safe place to sell all that pre-loved kids stuff.

Users can buy and sell all their children’s items efficiently and stress free.  You can even have conversations with the buyer in the app, rather than needing to phone or text.  This is great and really improves the security and safety of selling and buying items.


Items can easily be added using the Pitapat template, upload your photos and have buyers looking at it within minutes.  Buyers can also browse items in the local area, search for items within a mile to globally and sort search results by distance or age of the advert.  I love it when searching is made so easy!

kids stuff selling app

When we get back from holiday next week I will be uploading a whole lot of our own pre-loved items to the app, so fingers crossed they sell quickly!  We have a stack of toys that have plenty of use left in them, plus lots of cloth nappies that are always sought after.  I’m sure most of us have a few items we could sell to make a few pennies?

The Verdict

Pitapat app makes it easy to sell items, there is no faffing around with finding Facebook groups and people only start a chat with you if they are really interested and want the item.


It’s so much better for the environment and our wallets buying pre-loved items and giving them a new lease of life. This is definitely an app that we will be using and *fingers crossed* making money with.

You can download the app for IOS or Android and also check out Pitapat app’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

* This is a collaborative post.


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