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When I was travelling abroad in my teens and twenties mobile phones were not such a big ‘thing’.  I stopped at internet cafes to get in touch with family and friends back home.  However, nowadays we all use our mobile phones to catch up with the online world.  This is especially important to those of us who work in social media and as a blogger social media is incredibly important.

Working In Social Media

Blogging is now hugely reliant on social media for increasing your ‘brand’ awareness and to build an engaged audience.  I have worked very hard over the last couple of years to make my blog work for me and become a successful career.  This wouldn’t have happened without the help of several blogging friends who all have built amazing social media accounts.

work in social media

My Instagram account is arguably my best social media and this is partly because of my love for photography.  But it is mainly because I have been following fantastic advice from Harriet and Danielle.  My Facebook page is nowhere near as good as Laura’s, but it is certainly getting a better reach after her advice, I just need more hours in the day to work on that!

But with all social media you need consistency to keep your followers engaged.  If you stop posting for a week your engagement goes right down, so it’s best to continue even when you are on holiday.  This does mean that the holiday involves a lot of work, getting the right photos and considering the text.  But it’s part of the job!

Can You Use Internet Abroad Easily?

On my current phone contract I can’t actually use my phone abroad without HUGE charges.  So in the past I would just turn it off aside for when we were in WIFI areas.  But, as I have learnt from recent experience WIFI does not guarantee internet access.  Depending on the number of users it can be incredibly slow, making it useless when you’re trying to catch up on work!

travel cakes

I had been meaning to phone up my current phone provider to find out costs for using the internet whilst abroad, but instead I bumped into Three at the Blog On conference.  Three had cake so I HAD to stop and chat!  My good blogging friend, Natalie, and I managed to munch a couple of those delicious goodies!  Whilst we stuffed our faces, Three told us all about the Go Roam service which gives decent internet access in 60 countries around the world with no extra charge.

Travel Plans

At the Blog On conference we were given a Pay As You Go SIM for Three.  I will be using this to try out the free internet whilst visiting Spain later in June.  This will make keeping up with social media so much easier whilst on holiday.

Good internet phone

I love to travel and have visited so many countries over the years, but it’s only now that I’m realising how much easier good internet connection can be.  I can’t wait to visit Spain and be able to still keep up with social media and not worrying about lower engagement when I return.

Is it important to you to have good internet access whilst travelling?

* This is a collaborative post with Three.


  1. June 5, 2017 / 2:36 pm

    Oh it’s so much easier to keep up with social media abroad when there’s no extra cost for data. Thanks for the cake munching namecheck and link 😉

    • June 5, 2017 / 8:48 pm

      Ha ha, you’re welcome! 🙂 x

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