10 Personalised Ideas For Christmas

Christmas fun ideas

So many easy kids’ crafts can be personalised and unique for each child! From handprint Christmas cards to DIY Christmas ornaments, even 2 children have hard time to recreate exactly the same item. And that is wonderful, don’t you think? Arts and crafts are one of the areas where children can show their individuality and uniqueness.


  • Kids love to craft. Even young kids, like toddlers, enjoy making things with their little fingers. This is the reason why we love finding and sharing easy craft projects like pipe cleaner Christmas tree ornaments. Each one can be created to look different and unique.


  • Salt dough crafts are super simple to make and the range of items to create with them is vast. For Christmas, you can invite kids to create their own button salt dough hearts and then stamp their names on them before hanging them on your Christmas tree.


  • Like each and every snowflake is different, add a variety of beads when you invite kids to create their pipe cleaner snowflakes. Perfect crafts for kids who are looking forward to white Christmas! You can use them as ornaments on Christmas tree or even hang them on trees in your yard!


  • What is more personal than making handprints?! Handprint Christmas tree is a great collaborative project for classroom or Christmas party at home when you have many kids gathered and enjoying creating something together.


  • Show appreciation for teachers this Christmas with lovely and easy to make teacher’s Christmas card. They will love receiving these personalised little Christmas tree cards with all the kids’ faces showing their smiles!


  • Reindeers are always popular around Christmas, and red nosed ones especially. Make lovely reindeer handprint cards for friends and family members and slip them into Christmas gifts or send them by mail.


  • Since we mentioned Christmas cards, you can also set up a Christmas cards advent calendar for kids to create unique designs for Christmas cards each day during advent. It will provide a challenge for their imagination and they will love handing their creations to their friends!


  • If you have a baby, you can start a new tradition this Christmas! Create a new keepsake each Christmas to treasure year after year as they grow older. We love baby hand and footprint ornament and surely it will become your treasure in years to come.


  • Another simple adorable salt dough craft we adore is santa salt dough ornament which come in set – created with parent’s and child’s handprints! Super clever keepsake and looks wonderful hanging on Christmas tree!


  • You know how busy we always get around Christmas with all preparations, baking and cleaning? You can keep kids occupied, while you get things done, with paper cone Christmas friends. Print them out and let kids choose their own color combinations to create their little friends for play!

Parents treasure their children’s childhood keepsakes and add more year after year. And we, as parents, love to look back and remember our child’s first Christmas or first handmade Christmas Decoration they made. Kids love looking through their past creations as well. They help us feel bonded as family as we make them year after year and spend time laughing and talking about all those little things to warm our hearts.

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  1. November 3, 2018 / 7:42 pm

    These are lovely ideas. I find that grandparents in particular love to receive something the children have made themselves. My two love looking back at what they’ve made as well and they’re always proud of it in subsequent years.

  2. Jo
    November 21, 2018 / 5:13 pm

    My kids love doing art and craft especially my oldest boy – there’s some really good ideas here for some Christmasy crafts. I love the salt dough Santa and will definitely be doing that, we’ve made other things with salt dough.

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