When The Kids Take Over!!

Our kids often don’t get enough control over their lives so we thought it would be great to let them have a day to take over.  So the boys got to choose everything, from what they wore, what I wore, what we ate and where we went.  Can you guess how it went?!!


My two are actually quite good at sticking to our little morning routine.  After they’ve been to the loo they get to choose an episode of a kids TV programme to watch.  The current favourite is Octonauts, which is actually fairly educational and I have even recognised some animals on Blue Planet after first hearing about them on Octonauts! Ha ha!

kids choose clothes

Getting dressed went well and both my kids were good at finding what they need, you can’t go wrong with kids trousers and tops.  I wasn’t quite so sure how they would do finding me clothes to wear, but apparently they just walked in and took the first thing they saw!  Which meant I was also wearing the slightly mud spattered jeans from the day before, which had fallen off the laundry basket mountain.  Teaches me to leave the washing in a huge pile I guess!

HiPP Organic

Breakfast can often turn into an argument as littlest can be fairly fussy.  But today they had noticed the stack of new HiPP Organic pouches that we were sent.  They chose the new organic sweet breakfast pouches; apple, blueberry and banana muesli with yoghurt for my eldest and fruity porridge for the 4 year old.  Both were scoffed quickly and declared delicious.  The best thing for me is that they are organic and I know my kids are getting healthy food with no extra chemicals.

As it’s winter it was still dark after breakfast so we decided to have a little storytime with HiPP Buddies.  The HiPP Buddies are a hard working group of friends who create the finest organic pouches.  They all have their own task on the farm to get the fruit and vegetables from farm to pouch.

HiPP Organic

With littlest only just having had his birthday the natural choice (for him) was to go for the birthday party story book.  In this sweet little story book the HiPP Buddies set up a gorgeous birthday spread for Chloe the chameleon, but juice is spilt on the table and emergency action is required to save the party from ruin!  The boys loved the different animals and my eldest noticed that each animals name matched the first letter of the animal, which of course led to a discussion about alliteration.  I love how easily these ideas come about when the kids take charge!


As the kids were in charge they chose to go out for the day. And because it was snowing they chose to go sledging and play in the snow.  Not surprising really and I was more than happy to do just that, I love the snow!

snow Scotland 2018

My two weren’t too bothered about lunch so they munched on a few oatcakes and fruit whilst we were out in the snow.  Creating a snow dog, snow angels and of course a mini snowball fight.  I can’t do a proper snowball fight with the kids as I’m way too competitive and they don’t deserve to be pummeled by snowballs!  I reserve that for their dad, who is equally competitive in a snowball fight! Ha ha!

By the time we were back inside warming up and with a dry change of clothes it was time to get dinner sorted.  The boys chose to have one of HiPP Organic’s new organic savoury pouches to taste, you can find HiPP Organic’s whole range here.  For some reason they still love pouches despite eating proper meals for years.  It must be because they are so delicious and quick to warm up!  As they are older we of course added a few other things to their plates to make sure they had full bellies.

HiPP organic savoury pouches

Apparently littlest needed some cereal to go along with his HiPP Organic Mediterranean Vegetable Spaghetti!  Ha ha, I should probably count myself lucky that he didn’t go looking for any leftover Christmas chocolate to add to his dinner plate.


HiPP Organic savoury pouches

The boys loved having a day where they were in charge and could choose everything they wanted to do.  Fortunately for me they are fairly sensible and I wasn’t made to do anything crazy! Ha ha!

The HiPP Organic savoury pouches are fantastic for children during weaning as it helps little ones move toward more savoury tastes rather than sweet fruits.  This may reduce fussy eating later on and stop kids reaching for the sweeter sugary food options.

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Good luck!

HiPP Pouches

* This is a sponsored post in collaboration with HiPP Organic.


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