Upcycled Wind Sock

DIY wind sock

The last few weeks have been a bit crazy with the weather.  We’ve had snow, gale force winds, roasting hot sunny days and now we’re back to heavy rain!  The rain this afternoon was torrential, but fortunately it was actually a warm morning and we managed to get out to the park for a little while.

diy wind sock

This afternoon we created these cute DIY wind socks out of a loo roll and lots of fun embellishments.

diy wind sock

You will need:

Loo Roll

Sparkly card



Stickers/ buttons/ gems etc.

Ribbon/ crepe paper/ pom-pom strings

Hole punch


  • Cut the sparkly card to size, glue and roll around the loo roll, use the pegs to hold it in place while the glue dries.

diy wind sock

diy wind sock

  • Glue on embellishments to the card.

diy wind sock

  • Punch holes to attach ribbons/ string to dangle from the base and glue on any crepe paper.
  • Punch holes at the top and tie string to hang the ‘sock’.

diy wind sock

Take it out in the wind and let it tell you the wind direction!

J x


  1. May 19, 2016 / 9:02 pm

    Oh, I love this! We might make one. Lia is always asking about the wind and gets wind and rain a bit mixed up. This seems like a great way to teach her about it.

  2. May 22, 2016 / 8:39 am

    Great educational craft – love the sparkly card and embellishments – looks really cute, and love the new style of title image – great for pinning!

  3. May 22, 2016 / 2:52 pm

    Oooh this looks like a fab activity and I reckon my pre-schoolers would love making this after half term!

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