Is Dieting Easier When The Diet Meals Are Provided?

Dietbon review

AD| I have been compensated for this review, however all opinions are honest and my own.

Being healthy is not always the easy choice, I hate being hungry and I love sugary foods.  Especially chocolate.  I was a lot slimmer just after I had my second child and as I breastfed and walked everywhere (we only had 1 car at that point, which my husband took to work) I ate a lot and could get away with chocolate and cake everyday.  But then at the beginning of 2018 we got a second car so I could drive the kids around to home ed groups and places we couldn’t get to easily without transport.  Unfortunately I didn’t seem to adjust my eating habits, still eating a lot of sugary foods, but not exercising nearly enough.  This has of course meant that I have put on a couple more stone than I really should have!

Diet meals are not always easy to make, so when I was asked to review Dietbon I knew that this was the push I needed.  I have needed something to push me into eating healthier and restricting my snacking, but have kept putting this off.  So hopefully this is the push I need.


Dietbon is a dedicated weight loss plan where you are sent low calorie meals every month.  Receiving the meals in the post takes a lot of the pressure off of having to find and make meals yourself when you are dieting.  There is no need to calorie check every item that you are going to consume each day and the meals are quick to make.

When you buy your subscription you can choose which meals you would like to eat for the month, all of which are 100% natural with no added extras such as preservatives or GM ingredients, not even palm oil!  There’s a variety of choice including plenty of fish meals for pescatarian’s like me.  Although if you were vegetarian/vegan you might get a little bored by the same few meals each week.

Dietbon meal plan

You are sent three meals and a snack for 6 days out of 7, the 7th day being a free day.  I was sent 2 small pancakes for breakfast each day, 2 low calorie meals for lunch and dinner, fruit puree dessert and a snack of 4 low calorie cookies.  As part of the diet you are also expected to supplement the diet with fresh foods, including yoghurt, fresh fruit and salad throughout the day.

The meals are sent in plastic containers ready to pop in the microwave for 2 minutes, or in a bain marie for 8 minutes (basically a hot water bath).  I understand that this is why the containers are plastic, but this does seem to add up to a lot of plastic waste over the diet, it would be good if it could be a bit more environmentally friendly.  Perhaps recycled plastic being used for the containers or even better, a cardboard version?  I’m not sure how well that would work, but it would be nice to know it was more environmentally friendly.

dietbon review

I tried 12 different meals, all of which were tasty, although a lot smaller than my normal portion size.  Which is something I need to work on!  I did feel hungry between meals to begin with, but it wasn’t long until I was satisfied by an orange or something similar between meals.

Detox Tea From Kitchen Diet

I was also sent 28 days worth of tea from kitchen Diet to include as part of the diet process.  The teas are similar in taste to fruit teas and are made of 100% natural ingredients, made in France.

dietbon review

One packet of tea is called Vitalize Me, which is to help get you charged and motivated for the day, whereas the second packet is called Keep Calm and intended to to help you wind down at the end of the day.

I don’t often have tea, if I do I have too many spoonfuls of sugar in them!  So it was interesting to test out these teas during my snack break.  I loved the triangular shape of the tea bags.  Weird, I know!  But little things like that make love these types of products more!

I’m not sure whether the teas had any effect on the diet plan, but it’s probably a good alternative if you are used to drinking tea every day.

dietbon review


As part of the Dietbon experience you are also given plenty of support.  The first is a monthly consultation with a dietician and secondly weekly online group meetings.  This helps motivate and encourage you to keep going throughout the month.

I didn’t take part in the group meetings as I was only reviewing the plan for one week, but I imagine it to be similar to other slimming groups that meet in real life, just this easier to attend online!

You can also track your progress online in your account, check for advice on physical activities and recipes for the free day.  Plus you can use your Dietbon weight loss guide to help with advice and recipes offline.

There’s plenty of support to make sure you stay motivated and encouragement by others.  I love how supportive everyone is in this programme, it definitely helps when you want to lose weight!

dietbon review

Weight Loss

I was a bit sceptical of the diet as it seemed like a lot of food and still to be expected to lose weight.  Fortunately you’re only expected to lose 1-2 pounds a week, which is fairly doable in my opinion!  When I weighed myself on the first day I was 12st 6, which is about 2 stone heavier than I should be!

Before I explain how much I lost during the diet week I need to let you know how much I ate beforehand.  I love fresh fruit and vegetables, but cake and chocolate are my downfall.  Every night I would have several biscuits, a bag of ‘sharing’ chocolates and possibly a chocolate mousse or two too.  Clearly too much for someone like me who is not exercising enough to justify all those extra calories and a ton of sugar!

So it was quite obvious from the start that I would be likely to lose more than a couple of pounds during the week.

After 7 days I was down to 11st 12, a loss of 7 pounds in one week.  Which is pretty impressive, but perhaps has perhaps a lot to do with my previously unhealthy lifestyle.  Those who eat healthier than I did will probably only lose a couple of pounds a week, but that’s still good for a long term diet.

Discount And Verdict

I do love that you don’t need to worry about making meals or finding out what is low calorie, its already made up for you and if you’re ever in doubt there is dietician available to support you by email whenever you need it.  The inclusion of snacks and dessert make it a little easier to keep on top of the snacking habits and the free day helps you to become aware of other simple tasty low calorie meals you can make yourself.

If you would like to try Dietbon diet meals yourself then use this code to get 20% off the 1, 2 and 3 months diet plans: MONKEYDB

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  1. March 12, 2019 / 11:49 am

    This sounds like a great idea, I do like the idea of food being provided to make it easier. I agree about the environmental aspects though. I’m glad to see that they offer vegan options, even if the choice is a little limited. Well done for losing so much weight so quickly and sticking to it!

  2. March 13, 2019 / 1:53 pm

    I like the idea of the meals being sent to you, I am trying to slim down for my upcoming wedding and I am struggling so bad as I am eating the same as the rest of the family. Something like this would be ideal, I will have to look into it. Well done on such a great loss, that is brilliant x

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