Having Money and Doing It All?

I recently agreed to take part in the #Sagaspendingdiary campaign as part of their equity release branches campaign on spending wisely, which I was a bit dubious about as we do try hard to save money wherever we can.  However, I agreed to try it out for a couple of weeks and see if we could save some money.


As part of the campaign I was sent several items to get us started on our saving journey, including a budget book, shopping list book and Ann Wilson’s Wealth Chef Book.  I love lists and checking our finances and pre-kids I kept a very up-to-date record of our day-to-day spending.  However, recently I’ve become lax and I know we have been going to the local supermarket for bits and bobs throughout the week, which is clearly taking a toll on our income.

Because of our top-up shop habit, we decided that this will be one of the main areas to focus our saving on.   When I write a shopping list I always have a meal plan, which is great, however we are going to try and see what we can make with whatever is in the freezer or cupboards first, rather than choosing meals we feel like eating that week.  This is clearly difficult when the children can be fussy over what they want to eat, but we need to try and cut our food budget!


We will also stick to one weekly shop, with no top-ups at all.  This is hard for us, myself in particular, as I often pass by grocery shops when we are off to different activities or to the park.

Sometimes when we run out of certain food items, it seems easier to pop down to the shop to buy something rather than just making it from scratch myself.  So when we run out of kids snacks or sweet treats for ourselves, then I will do my best to make them from what we have, keeping the basics in stock will help with this.  Pinterest will be my go-to website when we want to create some kids snack bars and we can easily use old bananas for banana bread or make some biscuits together for a sweeter treat.


I have begun reading Ann Wilson’s book, The Wealth Chef’, and I’m impressed at how detailed it is at helping you to not only save money, but getting rid of all debts (including the mortgage) and investing money to make it work for you.  It’s particularly inspirational and I have already started making plans on how we are going to save in the long term and even pay off our mortgage.


After going through The Wealth Chef I’m buzzing with enthusiasm and looking forward to making our money work harder for us.  The future definitely looks brighter now that we are fully in charge of our finances and not accepting that we will always be worrying about money.

What are your plans for making your financial future secure?


* This post was in collaboration with Saga, however all opinions are my own.


  1. August 7, 2016 / 10:50 pm

    That book sounds fascinating! I’m just the same about spending money on supermarket top up shops, we would be so much better off if we planned properly.

  2. August 9, 2016 / 9:25 pm

    Top up shops are what kills our budget. We always need more milk and fresh fruit but it’s the other things you end up picking up as well that I really need to stop to. We also need to go back to buying at Aldi as we’ve been getting an Asda or Morrisons delivery recently (because who wants to spend their weekend in the supermarket) and its adding on around £30 – £40 a week to our shop 🙁

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